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Naxos Cafeterias


Klik Cafe

Waffle House

Mousique Cafe

klik cafe
Provides fresh juices, soft drinks, ice-creams and the best espresso on the island.

Waffle House
On the way to Naxos port you can find the best waffle spot, fresh waffles with homemade ice-cream, milkshakes, brownies, coffees and breakfast.

Mousique Cafe
Situated on the port road, this cafe has been a meeting place for groups of people and friends since 1996.

Elia - Olive Tree Cafe

Esperanto Cafe

Aktaion Cafe

Elia - Olive Tree Cafe
Located somewhere in the narrow streets of the old town (castle) of Naxos.

Esperanto Cafe
In the middle of Naxos Town Port (Paralia) Esperanto cafe is offering fresh fruit juices, many different kinds of coffee.

aktaion naxos
For you who seek new savory delights and quality in your day-to-day life.

Dolce Cafe

Omerta Cafe

Palia Agora Art Cafe

dolce cafe
A newly built cafe and children's playground with beautiful design located on the outskirts of Naxos town.

omerta cafe
A brand new cafe located at the port road of Naxos town with modern design and a great view.

palia agora art cafe
Open from early in the evening until late at night Palia Agora serves coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.


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