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Naxos Greece Travel Guide

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Naxos Greece Travel Guide

Naxos claims to be one of them most popular islands in Greece - at least with island hoppers. Not only are the numbers visiting higher than for any other island, but the average length of stay is also greater than that for other popular islands. This isn't surprising given that Naxos offers an alluring mix of an attractive port town, a succession of wonderful, easily accessible sand beaches, an interior landscape of lush valleys and ruin-topped sky-lines, and good links to other islands. Writers - ancient and modern - have regularly labeled Naxos as the most beautiful of the Cyclades and one of the best in Greece.

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Portara Sunset

Not only is Naxos Greece the largest island in the group, but it is a popular day-trip destination, and the primary jumping off point for Amorgos and the little Cyclades. Thanks to a prosperous agricultural base Naxos has long been able to ignore the tourist market, but this is now changing. The last decade has seen the opening of an airport, and a large increase in the number of tourists. Fortunately, their impact has been relatively benign, as the tourist strip is confined to the town and its environs. At the moment Naxos island thus enjoys just enough tourism to make the typical tourist feel comfortable, but not so much that the island's character is irredeemably damaged.

Our Naxos Greece travel guide has been designed to help the visitor find all the information he is looking for about Naxos Island. You can book your accommodation online by choosing from our wide variety of hotels, studios, apartments and villas. You can rent your car and have it waiting for you at the port or the airport. All the beaches, the villages and the sights of the island are listed here with pictures. In our website you will find maps and lots of pictures from every corner of the island or even see videos and live image through our webcams and see what the weather is like. In our forum you will find answers to your questions from local people and other travelers who have visited Greece and the island before. If you want to know what you could do during your holidays, we have all the activities, the restaurants, the bars, the clubs, the cafes and many shops so that you will never get bored. Enjoy your holidays in Naxos Greece the most beautiful island!


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